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Management Consulting

Business are complex beasts. We help tame your business so it can prosper and grow. Our expertise comes from both formal training and years of experience. Give us a call and we'll be happy to talk about what we can do together.

Inject Capital

What business couldn't use more money? Do you need help to get a new loan, increase the size of your current loan, or find new financing? Your bank doesn't have the capacity to do every deal that it's offered, and your loan request may be overlooked before it's even considered. We'll prepare your financial statements to put your best foot forward and then talk to the bank with you to point out why they should do your deal over all of the others.

Full Business Audits

Are your profit margins as high as they need to be? What is your return on your marketing efforts? We'll analyze everything and tell you how you can be making more money.

Automation Experts

How much time do you spend each day collecting data from your website, your credit card company, your bank, and a million other places just to get one spreadsheet done? Does it take so long that you're losing control of your company? We can create some custom software that will collect all of that data and give it to you just as you'd like it. Our expertise with programming languages and business software lets us automate your repetitive tasks, giving you the information you need yet freeing you for more important things.


Are your processes getting in the way of customer service? How many times have you been unable to get your whole team to get a job done? Exorcise your business's inefficiencies and eliminate waste that is preventing the flexibility that is needed these days.